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40 Inmates found in Cedar County IA Jail Facility [Last updated on 27, May 2023]
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Guide To Search Inmate Records of Cedar County IA Jail

How to use Cedar County IA Jail inmate locator!

Inmate Locator for Cedar County IA Jail by theinmatesearch.info is a search tool made just for you. you can use this tool in following 2 ways:
  • Search: Use the search box in the top to locate inmates in Cedar County IA Jail Facility. Just type in the inmate to search and we will show you results from our database.
  • Browse: If you want to view the complete list of inmates in the facility, you can browse below.

What are the things you can do after locating an inmate ?

  • Inmate Profile: Once you have successfully searched for the inmate you can visit the profile page of the inmate. You can view many information about the inmate.
  • Visitation Hours: You can also view the Visitation Hours of the prison facility. This is a necessary step to avoid unnecessary harrasment.
  • Visitation Rules: On the prison page you will also find Visitation Rules section, be sure to read it and follow them for a successful visitation.
  • Sending Money To Inmates: Different facility has different method of send money to inmates, Please view the to know more about sending money.

Inmate Name # Arrest Records Inmate Info
Abimael Lopez Gonzalez 1 View Inmate Profile
Alexis Ellen Wagner 2 View Inmate Profile
Amy Jo Benskin 1 View Inmate Profile
Antron Rayell Williams 1 View Inmate Profile
Brian Arden Hartman 2 View Inmate Profile
Casey Earl Clements 2 View Inmate Profile
Charles Stuart Johnston 1 View Inmate Profile
Cierra Leeann Wallace 2 View Inmate Profile
Dakota Kyson Welch 2 View Inmate Profile
Diana Ann Ledoux 2 View Inmate Profile
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Unable to locate an inmate?

If you are unable to locate an inmate in the facility it is possible that he/she might no longer be in the facility. Inmates can be moved to a different facility, Or they might be released. Use our generic search USA The Inmate Search Tool To find out if they have been moved to some other facility. If our tool isn't able to help you, you might also like to check out these government websites.

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