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We have compiled a complete list of prison facilities in Washington. We have a total of 332 prison facilities in Washington. You can simply browse the whole list of prisons from the below table. You can also view recent arrests in Washington.

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Searching for prisons in Washington have never been easier, we have almost 332 number of prisons in Washington. Using our search above you can just type in your probable prison name or location of the facility we will find the right matches. Or you can use the classic way of browsing through the list of prisons from the below table. you can easily browse all the prisons in Washington. Once you find the prison facility you are looking for, visit the prison page you will have all kind of information like :

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Distribution Of Prisons in Washington

We have created a distribution for prisons for research purpose [Based On Type And Security]: Checkout the Prison Distribution Chart to know more.

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Categories of prison facilities

332 Facilities in Washington are of different Type and Security level. Below is a distribution of Prison types and their count in the state.

Administration - no inmates - 1 Facility City Jail - Medium - 17 Facility CLOSED - 1 Facility County - medium - 49 Facility
County juvenile - low - 18 Facility federal maximum (FDC) - 1 Facility MEDIUM - general - 9 Facility Police Station - Medium - 184 Facility
Reentry - 16 Facility Regional Detention - low - 2 Facility State - low - 6 Facility State - maximum - 5 Facility
State - medium - 5 Facility State - minimum - 3 Facility State juvenile - medium - 3 Facility State juvenile - minimum - 8 Facility
State juvenile low - 3 Facility