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Guide To Use Inmate Locator US Tool

2527379 unique inmate record found from 1000s of public data sources, You can count on us as we update the latest arrest records almost daily, Data last updated at 26, Nov 2022. Freshness of data is what makes us the best free inmate locator tool.
US Inmate Locator Our tool helps you to find an inmate who was arrested for any crime between 1970 and 2019 [Under US federal court of law]. We crunch the data over thousands of data sources to provide you best search results. We gather data from paid and non-paid data sources to provide you with nearly perfect inmate results.

How to use the search to locate inmates?

Finding inmates have never been easier, follow these steps below:

  • Go to the search box above
  • Type an inmates name
  • Hit the golden search button.
  • Let the magic happen relax we will find relevant search results and show you.

What's Your Search Limit!

We are giving you a nearly perfect inmate locator tool with unlimited searches. You can use the search tool as many times as you want. There is no restriction on the usage limit. Happy Searching!

Browsing Inmates

Old classic way of browsing through all inmates is the classic option in our locator, Browsing through 2.2 million inmates data can be painful but if you are serious about it, just go to the below table. Now you can navigate through the entire list of inmates just by navigating through the pages.

Still unable to locate your inmate!

We do refresh our data dailly, Still some inmates data might be missing due to technical error, Feel free to go through the list of government websites which might help you locate your inmate. Just visit the website of the inmate facility locator. Few details like, Inmate Name, Facility Name, Inmate Id etc would come in handy.

Technology Background

A large number of scraping engines are running behind the scene, we scrape and integrate thousands of data sources and public databases and integrate 100s of API's to provide you with 100% accurate inmate locator. We are the best free provider of inmate locator. There are a huge number of websites who charge you multiple dollars to search these public information.

Data Disclaimer

Our data is the property of public and is available in other websites without copyright claims. We are just crunching the data and providing you with a platform to search through public records in a easy way. For any kind of DMCA claims mail us at [email protected]

Data / Profile Removal

We take your communications very seriously, If you want to remove any data in the site please feel free to reach us at [email protected] with proper authorization[Photographic ID cards / Documents should be provided] of you being related to the inmate.

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Inmate Name # Arrest Records Inmate Info
A C Johnson 1 View Inmate Profile
A Spencer Williams 1 View Inmate Profile
A T Jones 2 View Inmate Profile
A V Barnett 1 View Inmate Profile
A Wayntaub 1 View Inmate Profile
A C Rodgers 2 View Inmate Profile
A J Briggs 2 View Inmate Profile
A Eason Clayton 2 View Inmate Profile
A William Erpenbeck 2 View Inmate Profile
A C Jckson 1 View Inmate Profile
A Eddy Zi 2 View Inmate Profile
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